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5 of the spookiest places in the Cotswolds...

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Autumn nights are rolling in and Halloween is around the corner... lets explore some of the spookiest places in the Cotswolds!

#1 Spooky Sudeley Castle

Just a 10 minute walk from 15 North Street, Cotswolds cottage is the beautiful Sudeley Castle - steeped in history and apparently, ghostly goings on! The winding hallways and creaking floorboards at Sudeley are said to be home to the ghost of Henry VIII's wife Katherine Parr, who wanders the hallways at night in search of her daughter. Katherine died just five days after giving birth, and her daughter is thought to have died shortly after... During your stay at 15 North Street, be sure to book your trip to Sudeley - they boast "gruesome games and quizzes, spooky stories, and a haunted hunt, there will be plenty to keep little ghouls and ghosts occupied this half term"

#2 The Old Prison

Just a short drive from 15 North Street you can explore this creepy old prison, reading chilling tales of gruesome crimes and understand the daily life for prisoners locked up in the Cotswolds. In the 1800's the desire for more punishing labour for prisoners led to the introduction of a treadmill. Prisoners took turns on the treadmill while they were stepping, their peers were kept in an adjacent yard, walking in a circle, awaiting their turn... This eery place is actually a great spot for lunch! The cafe open Wednesday - Sunday 9-4.

#3 Murder at the Manor House

The Manor House Hotel, in the nearby Cotswolds market town Moreton-in- Marsh is known to be haunted by the ghost of Dame Creswyke... she was gruesomely murdered at the Manor House, once her home and is known now to wander the hallways at night time. A well known sighting of her ghostly presence was in 1987, lingering by the entrance to the now hotel... spooky. During your stay at 15 North Street, we'd absolutely recommend dinner at the Manor.

photo credit offpeakluxury

#4 The Chamber of Secrets

Okay, so you've probably heard of Harry Potter right? But did you know, some of the most iconic scenes were filmed right here in the Cotswolds? The magical Gloucester Abbey, just a short drive from 15 North Street filmed the most spooky scene... is that blood written on the walls.. the Chamber of Secrets has been opened..... so what are you waiting for? Grab your broomstick and get exploring!

credit for this awesome pic arielcmc

#5 An ancient burial site? Could it be any spookier?

Belas Knapp, the neolithic long barrow about 30 minutes walk from 15 North Street is one of the spookiest places you'll find! Belas Knapp was excavated in 1863 and the remains of 31 people were found in the chambers. The barrow has since been restored, so take a gorgeous autumnal walk through Cotswolds hills and explore this seriously spooky, ancient site.

So what are you waiting for? Book your stay at 15 North Street, Cotswolds cottage for a seriously spooky autumn break!

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